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All too often, groomsmen gift ideas center on small practical items that all groomsmen receive as a thank-you tokens from the groom. Except for the best man, all the groomsmen will receive similar items of beer mugs, money clips, cuff links, pocket watches, glassware, wine carriers, flasks and the ever-present Zippo lighter, to name a few.

Personalized Equals Engraved?

Unfortunately, you might be lured into thinking that having these gifts engraved with the initials of the groomsman is reason enough to call them personalized. Personalization goes beyond engraving – it is an acknowledgment of the unique personality of the recipient by the giver. It is a personal gift rather than a common gift.

Besides, your groomsmen had unique contributions to your wedding day. Is it not also appropriate that you give each one of them a unique gift to reflect that fact? Coach Handbags Don’t they deserve unique groomsmen gift ideas as unique as they are?

Questions You Need to Ask

Before going ahead with your groomsmen gift ideas, you have to ask yourself these questions:

* Will my groomsman actually get to use the item?

* Will my groomsman see the significance of my gift vis-��-vis his personality and contribution to the wedding?

* Will I be able to afford it?

* Will the gifts for the other groomsman be of almost the same monetary value?

If you answered “yes” to all questions, then you are choosing the right groomsman gift. The first question relates to practicality as men often do not want something that can only be displayed but not used; the second question relates to how well you know the groomsman; the third query pertains to your all-important budget; and the fourth query is necessary Discount Coach Purses if you want to avoid intrigues.

Groomsmen Gift Ideas You Can Try

You can always give the abovementioned groomsmen gifts but what you can do to up the ante is to give each of your groomsmen a separate gift, with almost the same amount and with the same care provided.

For example, you can give the cigar buff a Zippo lighter and cigar cutter set; your beer-loving buddy a 1-liter beer mug; your wine connoisseur for a friend a leather wine carrier; and your watch collector for a pal a pocket watch. This way, you cater to what they will need and appreciate.

Other groomsmen gift ideas could include:

* A nifty gadget for the techno geek like the “on-the-go-speakers for his iPod”

* A beauty and spa kit for the metrosexual like a gift basket with manly beauty essentials

* A convertible sports Jimmy Choo Bags bag for the Tiger Woods wannabe like a golf bag with edible goodies

* A gourmet basket for the epicurean of the bunch

* A gag gift like exploding golf balls for the practical joker (Wham! You give him a dose of his own medicine!)

You do not even have to worry about the cost either! These groomsmen gift ideas can cost you less than $50 each, which should still be within your budget. Of course, you can always look for bargains, use your talent with arts and crafts, and ask your bride for more ideas. After all, now is as good a time as any to practice your marital rights – to share in your wife’s brilliant head and put the adage that two heads are better than one to the test. What did you think we were talking about?

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